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How Liberals Break Children – A Taste

How  Liberals Break Children – A Taste

I called this complete and utter bullshit.There are so many problems with the logic behind the rationale for this Harvard professor to suggest there needs to be a presumptive ban on home-school Education but let’s take a look at the first juicy piece:

“She explains the reasons why many parents choose to homeschool their children is “they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy, determined to keep their children from exposure to views that might enable autonomous choice about their future lives.”

First and foremost, our democracy is precisely designed to allow each of us to choose for ourselves what we consider to be in our own best interests or those of our families. Progressively, over the last generation or two, it was determined by people such as this professor let the individual was no longer capable of doing such things on their own without government intervention or oversight.

Displacing the role of parents with the supremacy or greater wisdom of the educators is the whole reason we are in the mess we are today. The reality on the ground is that parents are isolating their children from Bad liberal ideologies, not because they are trying to avoid autonomously-thinking children but precisely to make sure they create autonomously- thinking children.

There is nothing anywhere in the world of liberal groupthink that is autonomous. If you are a liberal the only thing you are allowed to do is Think Like a liberal and act like a liberal and do what higher-level liberals tell you to do. If liberal Educators get their way, children will be taken out of the delivery room and made into Progressive liberals and sent back home when they are in their 20s and put to work wherever the liberal higher-order decides they should work.

[img via Breitbart]

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